Veritas Art Pictures produces socially relevant content surrounding current events, with a tight focus on characters of human scale. There are no “superheroes,” rather people who are embroiled in awful circumstances rising to overcome situations with the potential to destroy them.

“We are very, very small, but we are profoundly capable of very, very big things.”

the refugees.

We have forgotten
the words that
the Statue of Liberty shines.
In this darkest hour,

stands stronger than
our people

the home of the brave

Meet the Team

Daniel Smith Producer | Director | Writer

Award-winning screenwriter and veteran Daniel W Smith graduated from George Mason University, the Joint Military Intelligence College, and holds an MFA in both Screenwriting and Producing from the New York Film Academy. Previous work includes 50/10 Saul Turteltaub (2016) | Tahriib (Those Who Travel North) | Landfill | Freedom of Movement Festival (2018) and has two more in production.

Valentina Corrado Assistant Director | Cinematography | Production

Valentina (Italy) collaborates closely with Rodolfo at GA TA audiovisual as an experienced professional filmmaker. She assists in co-directing, filming, and editing. She also creates advertising, music, and documentary projects, both for international brands, national foundations, and local companies, as well as creative projects in collaboration with independent filmmakers and performance artists.

Laura Castiel Cinematography | Translation | Production

Laura was born in the United Kingdom and now lives in Spain. She is an aspiring filmmaker and has created the short documentary Somos Humanos (2018), interviewing migrants from Africa, in the area of Granada. She is an accomplished translator, production assistant, and camera operator.

Simone Gobmeier EDITING

Simone (Germany) started her promo producing and editing career in her early twenties after she graduated from the “Schule für Rundfunktechnik SRT” (now known as ARD ZDF Media Akademie), where she learned editing, budgeting, directing and shooting. She performed as a promotion producer at the German Pay-TV Channel Premiere (now known as SKY) for ten years, where she produced commercials and short documentaries.

Grishca Dallmer Cinematography | Sound | Translation

Grischa (Germany) works as a freelance programmer. He is active in sound and film editing. Together with Matthias Coers, he has been involved in the distribution and organization of events with the documentary film Mietrebellen in Germany and abroad. He is included in the Berlin tenant movement and organizes series of events with the Berlin tenants' association on international issues of housing and the development of the cities.

Carla Roda Director | Producer |Editor

Carla Roda is an award winning director, editor and producer from Barcelona, Spain currently based in LA. She’s worked all over the world, including Spain, France, Canada, Australia, and the US. This year she was selected to be one of the mentees in the “Karen Schmeer Film Editing Fellowship,” a program designed to cultivate the careers of emerging editors from diverse backgrounds.

Rodolfo Colombara Assistant Director | Cinematography | Production

Rodolfo Colombara (Italy) is a filmmaking instructor and professional video maker. He directs, shoots and edits mainly in the advertising, music, documentaries for large international brands, national foundations and for local companies in Torino, Italy.

Claudia Schmeier Still Photography | Sound

Claudia (aka Gayatri) (Germany) is a uniquely skilled photographer, focusing on the natural and spiritual elements of the project. Her focus informs her still photography. Her wide international network is essential in establishing initial coordination for projects with activists, artists, and small NGOs.

Gertrude Westerberg Director | Producer

Gertrude (Germany) studied educational science in Bielefeld and economics in Berlin. She became involved with filmmaking in 2009 and has been working as a producer ever since. She has directed the documentary “Rent Rebels,” shown around the world, with Matthias Coers, as well as being the director of two shorts, “Dragon Circle” and “Cabuwazi Beyond Borders.” She is currently working on a new film about gentrification.

Molly Huggins Communications | Design

Molly (USA)Molly is a storyteller at heart with an artist eye for color and balance. She has years of experience writing across industries in a variety of voice. She is obsessed with grammar, word choice, and policing unnecessary adverb usage. Most recently, Molly has been teaming up with nonprofits and documentary filmmakers to write grant and funding proposals. Her mission is to find out who is making the world better and make that known most effectively.

Pavlina Popovska Cinematography

Pavlina is an award-winning cinematographer and photographer with a record of achievements in the field of still and moving images. She graduated with an MFA in photography from the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. Most recently, she was director of photography on the prize-winning documentary “50/10 Saul Turteltaub,” and was the lead photographer for Royal Gor Studio for the Brent Shapiro Foundation in 2015.

Joaco Barcola Cinematography | Photography

Joaco Barcala was born in Uruguay, where he graduated from Visual Arts and New Media. Since then, his work has focused on visual art production and photography, focusing on human relationships and social issues. He has participated in feature films, advertising and documentaries as a filmmaker, camera and photographer. As a photojournalist he has focalized his work on housing and gender as well as film and dance. Since 2014 he lives in Barcelona, Spain.

Alice Gidone Translation | Production

Alice (Italy) is a critical collaborator on Tahriib, her first documentary experience. She is outstanding in coordinating schedules with both official and unofficial contacts for interviews and travel arrangements in Italy. She also provided the humor, friendly persuasion, and patience to help interviewees feel comfortable and keep all involved in high morale.

Matthias Coers Cinematography | Assistant Director | Production

Matthias Coers (Germany) is an independent filmmaker and sociologist. As a freelance journalist and cameraman, he produces photographs, texts, and videos, for trade unions, tenant organizations, AIDS assistance, and newspapers. He is working on the subject of housing issues in Berlin, the history of antifascism in West Germany and housing in Europe.

David Keith Production | Editing

David C. Keith is an editor, director and producer in Los Angeles, California. After graduating from Cal State University, Northridge with a BA in Film Production, David started CineByte Productions, LLC, which has produced a documentary feature film and two narrative short films with David as Director. Aside from these projects, David has edited several feature films and produced a number of docu-style short films.



Una Voce, based in Santha, Italy, is a community-centered refugee cultural integration project using the power of rhythm, dance, and music. From Western Europe all the way to Africa and Bangladesh, Una Voce unites cultures and tribes together with the connecting power of art and the universal language of song.